Sunday, December 12, 2010

itS cOmplEtEd nOw wHAt.??


its cOmplicAtEd thIng...
i cAnt cOncEntrAte..
im jUst sittIng hErE n nOt gEttIng anythIng dOnE...hUkhUk...
bUt nOw..ak xNk pk pApe ag...
i bElIevE..apE yg bErlAku adE hikmAh diSebALiknye..
itS wrOtE-my dEstiny...
i hAte thE fEElinG whErE i knO sOmething wrOng...bUt dUn knOe y..n dA reAsOn iS..
Its spOilEd my dAy...all thIS..
im SentimEntal liked crazy..ha-ha
i dOnt undErstAnd whEn i fEEl imcompletE withOut my mAn..
rEally dOnt understAnd y..
yEa.....we cAnt *oWn* anybOdy..
i juz nver fOrgEt hOw i cArEd..nOw? nOt At All..
i have to stARt all over agAin...
its hArd wOrd..ThErE is sOo mUch gOod OutthEre..
bEsIdE relAtionshIp..thE best thIng i cAn dO is fOcUs elsEwhErE...
I hOpe it hAppEns n wISh evErythINg  fAlls iNtO rItE plAcEs...
i jUz want my lifE..
nOthIng Else mAtter.............................................................nOthIng..........

p/s : untill i leArnEd dAt i cOuld bE hAppy on my Own..
       i cOuld nOt be hAppy in relAtIonshIp..


Friday, December 10, 2010

ASk mE agAIn...!

dEar dIary...
dId i desErve tO bE lEft hErE huRt..?
Or...shOuld i tEll hEppy?
bUt in my hEart..dAmn brOkEn..

~dAts All~

p/s : stIll..........


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mAAL hIJrAh-mE


Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah..!
mAal hijrah Or Awal MuhArrAm is thE stArt of thE MusliM cALendAr yEar... 
semOgA kitE berhIjrAh ke jAlAn yG bEnAr & diredHAi Allah s.w.t..

sO plEasing wIf all arouNd thIs...
wAt wAs happEnEd to mE..i accEpt...&
i lUv dA way i Am nOw...mUch..
mAAl hIjrAh is a nEw begInnIng tO mE, a chAngE frOm bAd tO gOod Or 
chAngE tO re-evAluAte OnE's lifE n dIrEctIon...
for mE... itS soO-sOo meanIngful!!
thErEfOre...thIs iS alsO nEw yEar  fOr All mUsliM....:))yEaaa...

p/s : i would lIke to wIsh my lOvely family, my fRiEnd, my rElatIvEs n 
        All Muslims a lOvEly AwAl MuharAm..!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

eNjOy my bOrInk.....!

5hB dEc 2010..myB its wAs jUst a ordInAry dAy..fOr sOmE pEoplE...
bUt fOr mE..hummm...wAt tO sAy hA??
my mInd was fill wIf sO many qUestIon marks.. .
my parEnts was bUSy ask mE to fInd a jOb..Urhh...
dAhlAh baRu2 nIe ak nyArIs dipIndah kAn kEr umAh mAKsu ak...*kEmAmAn*
my parents n my pAKsu bergAbUng ...pksU ak plAk on dA spot.dr kmAmAn dtG k.gAnu..
fUhh...nasib baIk ak sempAt cabUt n bG alAsAn...yEaa..!!
aNywAy..thEre wAs anOthEr prOblEM...lIvIng...
my mUm wont lEt mE to livE at my apArtmEnt..anymOrE..
hOwevEr, bAd thIng nevEr las lOng..
my pOwer wOrd bErjayE mncAirkAn ati bEliAu...he-he..
bUt i knOw hEr rEasOn..shE rEally waNted mE becOmE sUccEss..
mOm, i wOnt lEt u dOwn...yOu'll see uR dAugthEr becOme successfUl vEry sOon..
n uR drEam n my dReam arE gOing tO bE cOme tRue..:)) prOmIsEd u...!
oh..OMG! i hAv tO fOcUs sOmethng fOr a whIle...
Soo..agAIn..i'll See u..

p/s : mIss u b......umm..


Saturday, December 4, 2010


dEar dIary...........
tAkE it Or lEavE it..??
i cAnt answEr thIs at thIs tImE..
hUkhUk...sO baDly nOw....!
thIS iS sOo fUckIng lOSe n lOse situAtIon fOr mE...
Awww...cOme On Wannie..u cAn dO it..!!
actUally...i dO nOt hAtE thEm..bUt i juz dO nOt lIke it vEry mUch..(da way they talk to me)
thEy lAy da blAme oN me fOr sOmethIng i dId'nt dO...aNd itS rEmInds me ...........
(bIg mIstAke &dA xcIdEnt..)
i dOnt wAnt tO remInd thIS..bUt i jUz caNt tAKe thE blAme On mE fOr dAts..n da xcidEnt..
its hAppEn tO sOmEonE i cAre...n i lUv..thAnks Allah cOz hE sAfE frOm da trAgEdy.. .i knOw wAt thEy sAy..i gEt it clEarly ..n aftEr dAts mOmEnt..i cAnt stOp tO blAme mysElf fOr everythIng dAt wEnt wrOng
bEtwEEn Us..i jUz cAnt fOrgEt it...
OMG..PAST IS PAST!! i jUz wAnna tEll thIs for my dIAry...myfrEn..evEr..
if evEryonE weAk likE me...
ok...i'll brIef..agAIn..
first,i wiLL bE strOng..
secOnd, i will stIck tO my prInciples
thIrd, i will mAkE a decIdEd..

ok bye....

p/s : I can’t just give it up like that


Thursday, December 2, 2010

eMpOwErIng gIrL ^ __^


itS a dAMn cOld tOdAy ritE..??ggggrrrrgggrrhhh...
ujAn dr mLm lg....till nOw pOn xstOp lgi..
dri lEvEl9 nIe ak rAse sejUk sGt...atI pOn sejUk smbIl tgOk kApAl layAr...
n bloggIng of cOurse..:)) itS my actIvity nOw..
oh yA!my plAnnEd i wAs tOld u in my blOg lAs mOnth iS 70% dOnE nOw..!hA-hA
wAit k..!!

mOOd : gOod & sImply hAppy..

p/s : mOnsUn cUp iS at tErEnggAnu nOw...!stArt On 30hB Nov 2010..
       sOo...dAtAng la rAmAi2 untUk memerIahkAnnyE yekk..!!


fAt hAtErs..

its atE my heArt..
sAme episOd ovEr n ovEr agAin..
evEn aftEr apologizing....
toO mAny drAmas.. . evEn org yg ak percAye pon...Umm..
tp ak xlEh slhkN mErEke..
bUt y?? y bAd thIng cOmes tO me when i tRy tO mAke it in rIght wAy..
i am nOt perfEctionOUs..(lOudly)
n y is sOo-sOo mUch hAte In thE wOrld..??
i jUst wAnnA stOp At hAte...bcz i nevEr gEt clOsE at hAte to othEr peoplE..
n stOp insUlt mE...
dAts onE morE thIng..y somE pEople sukE hinE orG.?y? somEbOdy plez tEll mE y..?
ak xpenOh pOn hinE orG pE ak nOk hinE n katE mcm2 kAt mErEkE..
even thOugh im Only 21..n mErekE lebIh tUa dr ak...bUt thEy stIll hAv nO rIght utk bErkasAr dGn ak..
ati ak sAkit....tahukAh merEka ak tErAse dGn katE2 merEkE.. .pEoplE dOnt knOw..nEvEr!!!
cukUp la ak bErsAbo dGn seOrg...tP mlm nIe ia mengUjI lg kesAbaRAn ak. . 
terimE kasIh Ya Allah...kAlu ak hilang sabO td mesti marUah ak jtoh...n rasE bersAlOh ak akAn bertAmbOh..
onE morE thIng... usiA tidAk bolEh menIlai tAhAp kEmAtAngAn seseOrg itu.. ak iGt kAn bilE die lEbIh tUa drpD ak 
dIe bOlEh bersIkAp mAtAng dgn oRg sAyAng...
tp bIAse  la  manUsIa yG angkUh n riAk n bAnggE dGn ape yG dIe dApat tOo mudOh sGt la mEnilAi kelEmAhAn oRglAIn..sedAng kAn mendEr dIE dAPAt tOo adAlAh pinjAmAn SemAtE matE....
manusiA manE la yG perfEct & bagOs kAn..

i'll brIef
fIrst, i knOw whO i Am..
secOnd, i nevEr dOing bAd tAlk baCk of u..
n nOt thE hatErs!n itS ovEr..!

p/s: nk kAtE kAt oRg pIkIr dUlU...


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

prIce of hAtIng..

thIs tAlk r gOing tO T.K...
im sO cOnfUse hErE.. 
shOuld i hatE u becAusE u hUrt mE??
n shOuld i lUv u becAuse u mAkE mE fEEl spEcial.??
shOulD i???
sOrii to sAy...somEtymE i hatE this relatIonshIp... .pErhAps u Ask mE y i dO So..
bCz i cAnt stAnd On fAct whEn wE're fIght all thE tymE..!!
urghhhh....i luv the wAy u lUv mE..somEtymE..rEally aprecIatE it..bUt i hatE the wAy
i'M suppOsEd tO lUv u bAck.. .alwAys..
n u knOw sOmEthing..??comprOmIsing..?im sOo dOne..
i knOw i've nO rIght tO hatE other pEoplE...bUt hatE cOmEs oUt sO eAsily...
evErybOdy dOing dAts..

i chAngEd..u chAngEd..YESS...!!nO one pErfEct..
y gOod thIng iS tO dfficUlt tO achiEve n bad thing is easy tO gEt?? y3..??
~nO idEa~
i dO lUv u ..onEstly...
i jUz cAnt cArry oUt u of my stomAch alsO..
hA-hA *sUddEnly*
i stIll hOpe,stIll believE n still lOvE evEn thOugh i'v hUrt befOre..

p/s : hOpE u rEAd this bcz my lUv iS exiSt tO u..

belongs to

nEEd tAlk therApHy..


mOOd mOod mOod n i Am oUt of mOod.. .
urhhhggghh...*sIncE 2dAys ago..*
periOd pAIn.??nO...!
actually its begIn fRom simplE emOtiOn..*negatIve valEnce*
in othEr wOrds bAd mOOd.. dO u evEr fInd uRsElf fEEling dOwn withOut knOwing why.??
~frOm sAdnEss tO angEr~mE..lIke rOllEr cOasteR..!
n i nEEd tEll sOmEonE..its hUrting mysElf..
oH..!itS morE thAn just a mOOd.!

~iM cRy..rEally fEEl hOrriBLe... :((
its okEy cz nothng wrong wIf cryIng..tO mAkeS mE fEEl bettEr..
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhhhh..cAnt cAtch brEath.. hUkhUk

i nEEd gEt enOugh slEEp..

p/s : fIght a lOt..??ALL cOuplEs dO.............