Thursday, December 2, 2010

fAt hAtErs..

its atE my heArt..
sAme episOd ovEr n ovEr agAin..
evEn aftEr apologizing....
toO mAny drAmas.. . evEn org yg ak percAye pon...Umm..
tp ak xlEh slhkN mErEke..
bUt y?? y bAd thIng cOmes tO me when i tRy tO mAke it in rIght wAy..
i am nOt perfEctionOUs..(lOudly)
n y is sOo-sOo mUch hAte In thE wOrld..??
i jUst wAnnA stOp At hAte...bcz i nevEr gEt clOsE at hAte to othEr peoplE..
n stOp insUlt mE...
dAts onE morE thIng..y somE pEople sukE hinE orG.?y? somEbOdy plez tEll mE y..?
ak xpenOh pOn hinE orG pE ak nOk hinE n katE mcm2 kAt mErEkE..
even thOugh im Only 21..n mErekE lebIh tUa dr ak...bUt thEy stIll hAv nO rIght utk bErkasAr dGn ak..
ati ak sAkit....tahukAh merEka ak tErAse dGn katE2 merEkE.. .pEoplE dOnt knOw..nEvEr!!!
cukUp la ak bErsAbo dGn seOrg...tP mlm nIe ia mengUjI lg kesAbaRAn ak. . 
terimE kasIh Ya Allah...kAlu ak hilang sabO td mesti marUah ak jtoh...n rasE bersAlOh ak akAn bertAmbOh..
onE morE thIng... usiA tidAk bolEh menIlai tAhAp kEmAtAngAn seseOrg itu.. ak iGt kAn bilE die lEbIh tUa drpD ak 
dIe bOlEh bersIkAp mAtAng dgn oRg sAyAng...
tp bIAse  la  manUsIa yG angkUh n riAk n bAnggE dGn ape yG dIe dApat tOo mudOh sGt la mEnilAi kelEmAhAn oRglAIn..sedAng kAn mendEr dIE dAPAt tOo adAlAh pinjAmAn SemAtE matE....
manusiA manE la yG perfEct & bagOs kAn..

i'll brIef
fIrst, i knOw whO i Am..
secOnd, i nevEr dOing bAd tAlk baCk of u..
n nOt thE hatErs!n itS ovEr..!

p/s: nk kAtE kAt oRg pIkIr dUlU...


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