Wednesday, December 1, 2010

nEEd tAlk therApHy..


mOOd mOod mOod n i Am oUt of mOod.. .
urhhhggghh...*sIncE 2dAys ago..*
periOd pAIn.??nO...!
actually its begIn fRom simplE emOtiOn..*negatIve valEnce*
in othEr wOrds bAd mOOd.. dO u evEr fInd uRsElf fEEling dOwn withOut knOwing why.??
~frOm sAdnEss tO angEr~mE..lIke rOllEr cOasteR..!
n i nEEd tEll sOmEonE..its hUrting mysElf..
oH..!itS morE thAn just a mOOd.!

~iM cRy..rEally fEEl hOrriBLe... :((
its okEy cz nothng wrong wIf cryIng..tO mAkeS mE fEEl bettEr..
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhhhh..cAnt cAtch brEath.. hUkhUk

i nEEd gEt enOugh slEEp..

p/s : fIght a lOt..??ALL cOuplEs dO.............


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