Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mAAL hIJrAh-mE


Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah..!
mAal hijrah Or Awal MuhArrAm is thE stArt of thE MusliM cALendAr yEar... 
semOgA kitE berhIjrAh ke jAlAn yG bEnAr & diredHAi Allah s.w.t..

sO plEasing wIf all arouNd thIs...
wAt wAs happEnEd to mE..i accEpt...&
i lUv dA way i Am nOw...mUch..
mAAl hIjrAh is a nEw begInnIng tO mE, a chAngE frOm bAd tO gOod Or 
chAngE tO re-evAluAte OnE's lifE n dIrEctIon...
for mE... itS soO-sOo meanIngful!!
thErEfOre...thIs iS alsO nEw yEar  fOr All mUsliM....:))yEaaa...

p/s : i would lIke to wIsh my lOvely family, my fRiEnd, my rElatIvEs n 
        All Muslims a lOvEly AwAl MuharAm..!


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