Saturday, December 4, 2010


dEar dIary...........
tAkE it Or lEavE it..??
i cAnt answEr thIs at thIs tImE..
hUkhUk...sO baDly nOw....!
thIS iS sOo fUckIng lOSe n lOse situAtIon fOr mE...
Awww...cOme On Wannie..u cAn dO it..!!
actUally...i dO nOt hAtE thEm..bUt i juz dO nOt lIke it vEry mUch..(da way they talk to me)
thEy lAy da blAme oN me fOr sOmethIng i dId'nt dO...aNd itS rEmInds me ...........
(bIg mIstAke &dA xcIdEnt..)
i dOnt wAnt tO remInd thIS..bUt i jUz caNt tAKe thE blAme On mE fOr dAts..n da xcidEnt..
its hAppEn tO sOmEonE i cAre...n i lUv..thAnks Allah cOz hE sAfE frOm da trAgEdy.. .i knOw wAt thEy sAy..i gEt it clEarly ..n aftEr dAts mOmEnt..i cAnt stOp tO blAme mysElf fOr everythIng dAt wEnt wrOng
bEtwEEn Us..i jUz cAnt fOrgEt it...
OMG..PAST IS PAST!! i jUz wAnna tEll thIs for my dIAry...myfrEn..evEr..
if evEryonE weAk likE me...
ok...i'll brIef..agAIn..
first,i wiLL bE strOng..
secOnd, i will stIck tO my prInciples
thIrd, i will mAkE a decIdEd..

ok bye....

p/s : I can’t just give it up like that


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